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The Heartland Institute 2019 National Survey of Voters on Health Care Issues

March 6, 2019

93% of Voters Want FDA Reform to Allow Faster Approval of Prescription Drugs

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A poll commissioned by The Heartland Institute, found that 92.8% of voters support the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) making “prescription drugs better, available sooner, and at a lower cost.”

The poll was conducted by Victory Enterprises from February 11-14, 2019 of 500 voters – defined as those who voted in the last election and plan to vote in the next election. The margin of error for this scientific nationwide survey is +/- 4.38%.

The survey found that 49.8% would “support President Trump if he reformed the FDA drug approval process through an administrative approach without Congressional action.” Just 38.4% opposed such an action. A strong majority of respondents (57.2%) also gave President Trump “most” or “some” of the credit for the passage of Right To Try legislation last year, a law that allows terminally ill patients faster and expanded access to potentially life-saving treatment.

The survey also found that respondents ranked health care as the policy issue “of most importance” to them (19.4%), followed by climate change/environment (11.4%), and the economy (11%).