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December 13, 2020
By Patricia Adams

China is using funding and monitored access to manipulate Western environmental groups into promoting China's economic and geopolitical interests.

Most outside observers recognize China for the authoritarian regime it is. It routinely violates human rights, imprisons millions in "reeducation camps" for political or religious dissent, threatens it's neighbors, and attempts to interfere with other nation's governments and elections. Among those who have yet to have their eyes opened to the dangers posed by the CCP are Western environmentalists and their funders. Even as China dams wild rivers, displacing millions of people, has the worst air pollution in the world, mines with little environmental constraints, and grows its greenhouse gas emissions, "rather than becoming cautious about China’s role in the world, [Western environmental] groups lavish it with praise for its environmental efforts, using superlatives such as ‘herculean' and ‘momentous.’ For most, China is not a model for the rest of the world. For western environmentalists, sadly, all too often it is."