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Urban Institute: The Effects of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program on College Enrollment and Graduation

February 4, 2019
By Matthew Chingos, Tomas Monarrez, Daniel Kuehn

This study finds that students who enroll in private schools through the FTC program enroll and graduate from college at higher rates.

This study uses National Student Clearinghouse data to look at student enrollment in any in-state or out-of-state, public or private college to compare Florida Tax Credit (FTC) students with demographically and academically similar students who remained in public schools.

The study finds the FTC program’s impact on both enrollment and degree attainment increases with the number of years of FTC participation. For example, students who entered FTC in high school and remained in the program for at least three years were about 5 percentage points more likely to earn bachelor’s degrees, a 50 percent increase.