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What’s Wrong with Wikipedia?

February 18, 2016

Left-wing activists have hijacked The Heartland Institute’s profile at Wikipedia, removing objective descriptions of our programs and publications and replacing them with lies, errors, and outright libelous claims.

Wikipedia Heartland Fake Encyclopedia

Our efforts to correct the site have been rejected by the editors of the self-described “free encyclopedia.” Can you help?

Here’s the link to our profile:

Supporters of Heartland will be surprised to learn that we “worked with the tobacco company Philip Morris to question or deny the health risks of secondhand smoke and to lobby against smoking bans,” that we “support climate change denial,” or that our decision to spin off our work on finance and insurance into the R Street Institute is characterized as the “resignation of almost the entire Heartland Washington D.C. office, taking the Institute’s biggest project (on insurance) with it.”

These are simply lies, meant to damage our reputation and effectiveness in the most important public policy debates facing the nation. But the editors of Wikipedia refuse to remove these libelous claims, and over time have allowed them to proliferate.

You can help! If you have experience editing Wikipedia articles, we especially need your help to restore fairness and objectivity to this article.

If you don’t have an account at Wikipedia, click on “Create account” in the upper right corner. It will ask you to choose a username and enter a password. Putting in your email is optional, but will allow you to retrieve your password if you forgot it.

When you make a change, be incremental. And keep an eye on your changes. If it is “changed back,” go to the “talk” area and convince the editors that your change is fair, objective, independent, and properly sourced.

A detailed critique of our Wikipedia profile has been posted on PolicyBot.

Joseph Bast is a Senior Fellow at The Heartland Institute. He cofounded Heartland in 1984, serving as executive director then as president & CEO until January 2018. His research and writing focuses on climate change and energy policy. @JosephLBast