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Wikipedia Bans Real Climate Propagandist

October 19, 2010

William Connolley, a founding blogger at the alarmist website, has been banned from altering any Wikipedia biographies or entries related to global warming.

polar ice caps

Connolley was banned by the unanimous vote of a panel of Wikipedia administrators after he was found to have engaged in repeated misbehavior in altering global warming entries.

Connolley, a British climate modeler and Green Party activist, has served as a Wikipedia administrator since 2003, where he used his power as administrator to promote alarmism as settled science, block the views of opposing scientists, and rewrite biographies of skeptical scientists to belittle their accomplishments or dismiss them as frauds. For cocktail party global warming activists, Wikipedia’s alarmist propaganda became the source of choice for allegedly objective supporting evidence of global warming alarmism.

Connolley’s administrative peers at Wikipedia, however, have had enough of Connolley’s distortions. On October 14 an arbitration panel of Wikipedia administrators unanimously voted to ban Connolley from altering Wikipedia biographies or global warming discussions. After six months, Connolley can apply to have his privileges restored.

Connolley’s public rebuke is another powerful reminder of the unethical manner in which the alarmist community conducts what they perversely call “science.” Connolley joins notorious NASA alarmist James Hansen and disgraced Climategate fraudsters Michael Mann and Phil Jones as activists who avail themselves of citizens’ tax dollars to doctor official climate data in furtherance of their activist agenda.

Lawrence Solomon, a prominent environmentalist who advised former President Jimmy Carter on environmental policy, has written several columns for the National Post on Connolley’s nefarious role as a global warimng propagandist. Two of them appear here and here.

James Taylor is a senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute.