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WILL Report: 2019 Apples to Apples, The Definitive Look at School Test Scores in Milwaukee and Wisconsin for 2019

June 6, 2019
By Will Flanders

This Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty report finds , for a third year in a row, Wisconsin’s charter schools and private schools in the choice program are outperforming traditional public schools.

Since 2017, WILL has employed a sophisticated statistical analysis to provide the fairest possible comparison between Wisconsin schools. In short, the report examines how Wisconsin schools perform if every school had a similar student body.

Wisconsin offers greater educational options for families than many other states. From private school choice to charters to open enrollment, there are many pathways for families to get out of schools that aren’t working for them.

Many of the top schools in Wisconsin are private and charter schools, states the report. For instance, five of the top 20 schools in the state are private voucher schools and four of the top 20 are charter schools. Furthermore, 14 of the top 20 schools for Hispanic enrollment in the state are choice or charter schools.