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Health Care
April 1, 2020
Science on FDA Liberalization: A Response to the Status Quo Process for Medical Treatments
A 2019 article in Science sounds an alarm against moves toward liberalization of drug approval.
Government Spending
March 27, 2020
CARES Act – Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (H.R.748)
Text of the CARES Act passed by the House (after Senate passage) and signed into law by President Trump.
Government Spending
March 25, 2020
Summary of Supplemental Appropriations in the CARES Act
"$340 Billion Surge in Emergency Funding to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak"
More News
March 25, 2020
Research & Commentary: Economic Costs of a Fracking Ban Would Be Too Much for Colorado to Bear
468,000 Jobs Lost And $187 Billion In Lost GDP By 2025 If Fracking Banned In The Centennial State
March 25, 2020
Research & Commentary: Ending Fracking in Texas Would Trigger Recession
Over Three Million Jobs Lost And $1.5 Trillion In Lost GDP By 2025 If Fracking Banned In The Lone Star State
Climate Change
March 24, 2020
A critique of the House Republican climate policy proposals
Proposals to fight climate change offered by House Republicans would have virtually zero effect on the climate but the costs would be high.

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March 12, 2020
By Lindsey Stroud, Heartland Staff
A proposed bill in the Florida Legislature would ban the sale of flavored nicotine products and have substantial effects on the Sunshine State's economy.
March 12, 2020
By Tim Benson
Cap-And-Trade Programs, Carbon-Dioxide Taxes Do Little To Reduce Emissions, Act As Regressive Tax
March 12, 2020
By Cameron Sholty, Matthew Glans
In this Research & Commentary, Matthew Glans and Cameron Sholty examine a nearly $500 million tax and fee increase on Bluegrass State drivers.
March 10, 2020
By Marlo Lewis
NEPA scrutiny of project-related greenhouse gas emissions are neither required by law nor are good policy.
March 6, 2020
By Tim Benson
Those Living Closest To Drill Sites Have Best Understanding Of What Those Sites Entail
March 5, 2020
By Matthew Glans, Lennie Jarratt
In this Research & Commentary, Matthew Glans and Lennie Jarratt examine a proposed tax hike in Rhode Island that would raise taxes on residents earning more than $500,000 annually and use the funds for K-12 education.
March 5, 2020
By Matthew Glans
In this Research & Commentary, Matthew Glans examines a proposed transportation funding plan in Massachusetts where drivers would pay 5 cents per gallon more for gasoline and 9 cents more per gallon for diesel.
March 4, 2020
By Lindsey Stroud
Proposal would increase cigarette taxes to $0.60 per pack, double the other tobacco products tax, and create a new tax on liquid nicotine at $0.066 per milliliter.
March 4, 2020
By Tim Benson
7.5 Million Jobs Lost In 2022 Alone, $5,000 Annual Decrease In Household Income
March 3, 2020
By Samantha Fillmore
Illinois Looking To Stand Up To Corrupt Corporate Welfare