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May 30, 2022
Research & Commentary: New Report Details the Safety of the Country’s Pipeline Infrastructure
Safety Incidents Down 17 Percent Since 2017
May 17, 2022
Research & Commentary: New Study Details Damage Done to Vulnerable Avian Populations By Wind and Solar Energy
Nearly Half Of Species Studied Saw Significant Population Declines
May 9, 2022
Research & Commentary: Massachusetts Program Pushing Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales is Environmentally Self-Defeating
All Vehicle Sales In Commonwealth Must Be "Zero-Emission" By 2035
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March 18, 2022
Research & Commentary: Report Finds Line 5 Pipeline Shutdown Would Cost Midwest Families Billions in Additional Fuel Costs
Shutdown Would Also Result In Over 33,000 Lost Jobs, $8 Billion In Lost GSP, $20 Billion In Lost Economic Activity, And $265 Million In Lost Tax Revenue
February 25, 2022
Research & Commentary: Bill to Introduce a Carbon-Dioxide Tax on Fossil Fuels is a Bad Idea for Utah
Taxes On Utahans Could Increase By $381 Million By 2026
February 11, 2022
Research & Commentary: Proposed Utah Low-Emission Vehicles Tax Credit Program Would Be Costly and Unnecessary
Costs Would Be Sizeable, Environmental Benefits Modest Or Negative

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Climate Change
November 23, 2021
By Tim Benson
Tax Would Begin At $55 Per Ton In 2022, Increase By 5 Percent Annually Through 2025, Between 2 Percent And 10 Percent Annually From 2026 To 2051
November 11, 2021
By Donna Laframboise
For his efforts to expose the truth about what his research shows about climate change, Roger Pielke Jr has discovered that academic freedom is an empty slogan at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as his department is now determinedly harassing him.
October 28, 2021
By Tim Benson
Plan Would Cost $119 Billion Through 2052, $1,200 Per Customer
October 13, 2021
By Isaac Orr
The Clean Electricity Performance Program would add an additional $119.4 billion in costs to Arizonans' power bills.
October 13, 2021
By Andrew Montford
Regular energy rationing is likely in the near future in the United Kingdom due to green energy mandates and the consequences could be deadly for the poor and those on fixed incomes.
October 4, 2021
By Tim Benson
Industries Provided 17 Percent Of State Employment, 25 Percent Of Labor Income, 29 Percent Of Economic Impact
September 7, 2021
By Hayden Ludwig (Editor)
“Eco-Right” groups identify themselves as free market or broadly right-of-center and yet are embracing environmental alarmism, in the process undermining energy freedom and promoting bigger government.
September 3, 2021
By Tim Benson
Industries Provided 4 Percent Of State Employment, 5 Percent Of Labor Income, 5 Percent Of Economic Impact
September 3, 2021
By Tim Benson
Industries Provided 4 Percent Of State Employment, 4 Percent Of Labor Income, 5 Percent Of Economic Impact
August 27, 2021
By Tim Benson
Industries Provided 14 Percent Of State Employment, 21 Percent Of Labor Income, 22 Percent Of Economic Impact