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December 13, 2017
Come to The Heartland Institute for an enlightening and entertaining discussion on this pressing topic. At this event, Austill Stuart and Len Gilroy, Reason Foundation policy analysts and contributors to The Heartland Institute’s The Patriot’s Toolbox, will discuss how privatization can be effectively used to improve public service delivery and infrastructure assets. Stuart and Gilroy will present a twenty-first century vision to revitalize the public sector using several core private sector pr...
May 21, 2017
By Clifford Thies
Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, has made some waves concerning Afghanistan. He says we should move from an army of occupation to something like a private army, following the model of the army of the British East India Company. In 1608, at about the same time that British colonies were being organized along the Atlantic coast of North America, the British East India Company was establishing trading posts in the vast Indian subcontinent, with the permission or at least the tolerance of the ru...
February 13, 2017
By Clifford Thies
... those who are downstream. Second, it will quickly erode the hill and undermine the integrity of the main spillway. Plans should be made to affect emergency repairs to the main spillway as soon as it is safe to do so. Longer run, dams should beprivatized at least in the following ways: their budgets should be removed from the general budget. Dams generate enormous revenues in terms of sales of hydropower, as well as water rights and fees for recreation. These revenues should be devoted to reti...
October 21, 2016
By Jeff Reynolds
Officials overseeing a Boston, Massachusetts government-operated transportation agency voted to turn responsibility for some administrative operations over to a private business, after Massachusetts lawmakers declared their support for partial privatization. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) Fiscal and Management Control Board voted in October to transfer responsibility for handling cash over to a private security firm. State lawmakers had granted MBTA authority to explore...
June 1, 2016
June 1, 2016
June 1, 2016
July 28, 2014
By Sean Parnell
...e, if that is what the veteran wants,” Harris said. “Veterans should be allowed to see any doctor they choose, go to hospitals that are close to home, and receive care from top professionals.” VA System in TurmoilProposals to partiallyprivatize the VHA are nothing new. Nearly two decades ago U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) advocated privatizing the Veterans Administration, and during the 2008 presidential campaign Sen. John McCain proposed allowing veterans to get most of their...
February 1, 2016
Shows the water crisis in Flint is entirely a product of local, state and federal government decisions and argues privatizing Flint's water system would fix the problem quicker and more effectively and prevent future problems like this arising again.
June 16, 2014
By Bruce Parker
He’s been called a threat, but the head of Vermont’s newest independent school says the state has nothing to fear from Village School of North Bennington, because it has achieved more while costing less to operate.“Our independent school is operating on far less than $2 million dollars. We’re operating on about $1.8 million now,” Tom Martin said.Before switching from public to private last year, the K-6 school located in southwestern Vermont operated on an annual budget of $2.1 million. Today, t...