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June 16, 2014
By Bruce Parker
He’s been called a threat, but the head of Vermont’s newest independent school says the state has nothing to fear from Village School of North Bennington, because it has achieved more while costing less to operate.“Our independent school is operating on far less than $2 million dollars. We’re operating on about $1.8 million now,” Tom Martin said.Before switching from public to private last year, the K-6 school located in southwestern Vermont operated on an annual budget of $2.1 million. Today, t...
February 1, 2016
Shows the water crisis in Flint is entirely a product of local, state and federal government decisions and argues privatizing Flint's water system would fix the problem quicker and more effectively and prevent future problems like this arising again.
February 1, 2000
Private companies could take over as many as 10 percent of Great Britain's local school districts, according to remarks made at a conference late last year by Estelle Morris, School Standards Minister in the U.K.Government inspectors have been issuing performance reports on the 150 or so school districts in the U.K. and have recommended privatization in cases where the districts were judged to be failing their students. Private companies or outside consultants already have been brought into five...
June 10, 2014
March 12, 2008
...ut they may soon be. Chicago's Midway Airport could be the first major hub airport to divest public ownership to a private company through a lease or sale.Under a decade-old FAA pilot program five airports, but only one large hub airport, can beprivatized. To date, only one small airport, Stewart International in Newburgh, New York, has been privatized. It was sold back to public agencies after the management and development plans put together by the airport's private operator proved unsuccessf...
August 15, 2013
By Seton Motley
It seems like every week since we first heard of Edward Snowden he delivers an even worse example of the federal government’s unconstitutional collection and abuse of our data.  Time and again the Barack Obama administration denies Snowden’s claims – even though time and again he has the documentation.Snowden’s latest revelation is a program called XKeyscore (XKS).  Which allows low-level National Security Agency (NSA) analysts to:Obtain ongoing “real-time” interception of an individua...
July 20, 2015
By Amelia Hamilton
...rise does a bad job, it loses money and eventually goes broke. If the government does a bad job, it just keeps going. It raises taxes.”Collecting EvidenceBlock says more local governments should experiment with privatization.“The more things getprivatized, the [more test cases we have,]” Block said. “We already have some test cases, like the [United States Postal Service and FedEx.]“‘Governing least’ means privatizing things,” Block said. “You need fire protection, you need sanitation, you need...
May 16, 2013
By Matthew Glans
President Obama wants to privatize one of the nation’s largest government-owned companies, a proposal that is bringing pushback from some unlikely sources: politicians who ordinarily promote themselves as favoring smaller government and more free enterprise.In his 2014 budget, President Obama called for a strategic review of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The budget stated that selling or privatizing the TVA could result in a significant cut in the federal debt (at least $25 billion) and...
December 1, 2008
By Steve Stanek
The city of Chicago will receive $2.5 billion for a 99-year lease of Midway Airport on the city’s South Side, making it the first major commercial airport in the United States to go private.Despite turmoil in U.S. and overseas stock and credit markets, the bids for the lease “were strong,” said Lisa Schrader, Chicago’s deputy chief financial officer.“We were very pleased with the bid, particularly considering the turmoil we’ve been seeing in the financial markets,” Schrader said. “We believe it ...
October 16, 2007
The Tribune’s coverage of county board proceedings helps us figure out which are the least obscene of the proposed taxes (“City Sales Tax Hike On Hold,” October 1).Taxpayers can thank those leaders who clearly questioned why sales taxes are being raised 300 percent when they have not determined the final budgets for the threatened health care facilities. Leaders who support the $1 billion increase should consider privatizing some medical services, or offering tax incentives to the private hospit...