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October 10, 2019
By Heartland Staff
In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Matt Culley joins The Heartland Institute’s State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss a recently proposed flavor ban in Montana. Culley, quit smoking seven years ago after being diagnosed with oral cancer. Culley and Stroud discuss his journey, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s recent vaping ban and address the media fearmongering surrounding vaping-related hospitalizations, which are being linked to the use of black market vaping products con...
November 14, 2019
By Heartland Staff
Bill Wikstrom, president of the Mississippi Vaping Advocacy Association joins The Heartland Institute’s State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss Mississippi’s recent 2019 gubernatorial election and vaping issues in the Magnolia state. Wikstrom is a retried combat veteran and owns two companies including 13 vape shops and an e-liquid distribution company. Stroud and Wikstrom discuss the election results, including the impact of vapers turning out to the polls, as well as the ...
May 29, 2019
By Heartland Staff
James Dunworth is the co-founder of E-Cigarette Direct, a rapidly expanding vaping supplies sales company founded in 2008. E-Cigarette Direct now employs 90 workers and sells regulated e-cigarette supplies through their website, shops and resellers. James is the co-author of the first peer-reviewed study into electronic cigarettes, which was published in November 2009. James has been featured in most major newspapers in the UK and has been interviewed on Sky News, BBC Wales (TV and radio), The J...
April 25, 2019
Nicotine is getting a bad reputation lately. The Nicotine Queen joins State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss her efforts in tobacco harm reduction. Taylor was a sales executive at Alchem USA and Nicselect and has recently joined North American Nicotine as Vice President of Sales. North America Nicotine is the exclusive importer of CNT and the world’s leading supplier of the gold standard of nicotine. Despite fearmongering campaigns, other than being addictive, nicotine is ...
November 1, 2018
In this episode of Voices of Vapers, NOT Blowing Smoke Founder Stefan Didak revisits the podcast to discuss flavor bans. After San Francisco recently passed a flavor ban on tobacco products, other states and localities are pushing similar legislation. Stefan talks about a recent hearing in Sacramento, CA, Altria’s decision to limit flavors in their own electronic cigarette devices, and why these bans threaten tobacco harm reduction.
June 27, 2019
By Heartland Staff
In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Stefan Didak joins Heartland’s State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to talk about what is going down in California. Stefan has recently founded THR Policy and was the president and founder of NOT Blowing Smoke. Stefan started the organization as an educational resource and inadvertently became involved in legislative efforts surrounding vaping products including taxes, regulations, tobacco 21, and flavor bans. Stefan talks about California, fro...
September 26, 2019
By Heartland Staff
Stefan Didak, founder of Not Blowing Smoke, and currently operating the public affairs firm Ignyter joins State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss the history of flavor bans in California, LA’s recent flavor ban and how these have spread to other states, including Michigan, New York and Rhode Island. Stefan and Lindsey talk about solutions to the issue of youth use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices, how “Big Tobacco” did not create vaping products as a gimmick to attract ki...
December 5, 2018
In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Andrew Osborne, vice president of the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA) joins Lindsey to discuss a proposed flavor ban in the state of New York. NYSVA is an advocacy organization that supports more than 700 New York vaping businesses and more than 2,700 employees. The board has been advising researcher, legislators, government agencies, and industry stakeholders for eight years on local, state, federal and international issues. Andrew is the president...
August 27, 2019
By Heartland Staff
Gregory Conley is an attorney in New Jersey and president of the American Vaping Association (AVA). The AVA is a nonprofit advocacy organization that champions the use of vapor products and electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit. AVA has testified in over a dozen states and localities, on behalf of vapor products and his work has been featured in in outlets in several countries and Greg has spoken at dozens of conferences and conventions Conley joins Heartland State Government Relations Man...
July 18, 2019
By Heartland Staff
Matthew Elliott joins Heartland State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss his work fighting for vapers' rights in New York state and the country.  Matthew Elliott smoked for 15 years and has been smoke free for five years now. Matthew is a member of the Vaping Legion, an advocacy organization that not only keeps vapers informed of legislation, but also acts a watchdog by enforcing strict adherence to self-imposed regulation, including calling out bad labeling and pushing for ...