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The Heartland Institute’s senior fellows, managing editors, and senior staff make outstanding speakers at public events. In 2012, they spoke at 168 events, entertaining and informing nearly 18,000 audience members!

We feature some of the nation's most knowledgeable and dynamic free-market public policy experts. Heartland's spokespersons are known nationwide and even world-wide. They write thousands of articles each year ranging from op-eds in major U.S. newspapers to in-depth policy studies and books. They appear frequently on television on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, and PBS, and on the opinion-editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Investor’s Business Daily, and many of the nation’s largest circulation daily newspapers. They also testify frequently before Congress and state legislatures.

Recommend a Heartland speaker for your next Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Farm Bureau, or Tea Party event! If you are responsible for planning an event, contact us. We can provide you with professional advice and even manage the logistics of getting a speaker to and from your event.

Contact Nikki Comerford by email, or call 312-377-4000 and ask for the communications department.

Download a PDF of Heartland's latest Speakers Bureau brochure by clicking the link below, and browse our website for Heartland's Free Market Speakers Bureau.

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