Thomas Tanton

President, T2 & Associates

Mr. Tanton is President of T 2 & Associates, a firm providing consulting services to the energy and technology industries. T 2 & Associates are active primarily in the area of renewable energy and interconnected infrastructures, analyzing and providing advice on their impacts on energy prices, environmental quality and regional economic development. Mr. Tanton is also Senior Fellow with American Tradition Institute. Mr. Tanton has 40 years direct and responsible experience in energy technology and legislative interface, having been central to many of the critical legislative changes that enable technology choice and economic development at the state and federal level. Mr. Tanton is a strong proponent of free market environmentalism and consumer choice, and frequently publishes and speaks against alarmist and reactionary policies and government failures.

As the General Manager at EPRI, from 2000 to 2003, Mr. Tanton was responsible for the overall management and direction of collaborative research and development programs in electric generation technologies, integrating technology, market infrastructure, and public policy. From 2003 through 2007, Mr. Tanton was Senior Fellow and Vice President of the Houston based Institute for Energy Research. Mr. Tanton was also a Senior Fellow in Energy Studies with the Pacific Research Institute until 2010.Until 2000, Mr. Tanton was the Principal Policy Advisor with the California Energy Commission (CEC) in Sacramento, California. He began his career there in 1976. He developed and implemented policies and legislation on energy issues of importance to California, and U.S. and International markets, including electric restructuring, gasoline and natural gas supply and pricing, energy facility siting and permitting, environmental issues, power plant siting, technology development, and transportation.  Mr. Tanton completed the first assessment of environmental externalities used in regulatory settings.  Mr. Tanton held primary responsibility for comparative economic analysis, environmental assessment of new technologies, and the evaluation of alternatives under state and federal environmental law.  Mr. Tanton served as Guest Lecturer for the Master in Environmental Science program at California State University Sacramento (CSUS), lecturing on power plant and electric grid technologies and their comparative environmental impacts.