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Immigration has been important to the growth of the United States since its founding. In an increasingly global economy with increasingly easy movement among countries, immigration has become a more controversial matter than it has been in the past.

The threat of terrorism and concerns about illegal immigration across the country’s relatively open borders influence the discussion of immigration reform now more than ever. The national government has an obligation to protect its people from terrorism, and measures must be taken to ensure terror threats are not introduced under the guise of employment opportunity.

Our Stance

Immigration policy is complex and does not lend itself to quick reform. It is important to have an open and wide-ranging discussion of both the benefits and the costs of immigration, devoid to the extent possible of rhetoric and fear-mongering but also not blind to the concerns many Americans have for their physical safety and financial security.

Featured Subtopics

Man working in agricultural field
Guest workers are employees who come to the United States temporarily to work, often in low- skilled jobs such as seasonal agriculture, manufacturing, and customer service.
Pentagon aerial view from September 11, 2001
If the United States is to open its labor markets to the flow of immigrants who want to work and live here, policymakers must take care to adopt reforms that prioritize the safety and security of American citizens.
Boy trying to get through fence
The United States began as a nation of immigrants, and if anything that has become more true over time.

Additional Subtopics

  • English Language
  • Employment
  • Illegal Aliens
  • Immigrants


Title: Kamala Harris' Ludicrous Climate Change Claims
Description: Kamala Harris continues to make nonsensical claims related to climate change. This time, she claims that climate change is leading to increased illegal immigration. Kamala states that food shortages are causing people to flee their native countries. Unfortunately for Kamala, food production is setting records year after year worldwide. Claiming people are starving when crop yields are higher than ever highlights the delusion behind climate alarmism. James Taylor and Myron Ebell join The Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax to correct Kamala Harris and set the record straight. Subscribe to Newsmax TV on YouTube:

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