Heartland Video

Heartland Mentioned on Fox News Channel

James Taylor on the August 1st "Political Grapevine" on FNC's "Special Report"

Joseph Fletcher Discusses climate change

Gary Sharp, scientific director for the Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study in Salinas, California, introduces this lecture on climate change by Joseph Fletcher, Ph.D.

Green Scissors Press Conference

The Green Scissors coalition held a press conference on August 24th at the Hotel Monaco in Chicago to announce the release of their new report, “Green Scissors 2011.” Heartland Institute Vice President Eli Lehrer was among those who spoke.

Learn More About the Parent Trigger

Heartland's Director for the Center on School Reform talks about a new bill that's sweeping the nation, the parent trigger.

Bartley Madden on 'Dialogue'

Bartley Madden on "Dialogue with Jim Doti and Kristina Dodge" discusses Free to Choose Medicine


"Scare," a two-minute video highlighting the scare tactics of global-warming alarmists was produced for the Heartland Institute. For more information on the Heartland Institute, see our website at www.heartland.org