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Title: Breaking Down Biden's Climate Bill - LIVE Climate Change Roundtable
Description: Immediately after Senate passage, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” was praised in the corporate media and among activists on the left as being the most-significant climate action the U.S. government in our history. But just like the bill won't improve our runaway inflation rate, it will also do absolutely nothing to improve our weather or decrease the global temperature by the end of the century. After about $400 billion more in taxpayer subsidies for green energy, the temperature might decrease by between about three-hundredths (0.028F) of a degree and nine-ten thousandths (0.0009F) of a degree. Maybe. On this edition of Climate Change Roundtable, The Heartland Institute's H. Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken, and Steve Milloy join Host Jim Lakely to discuss the "climate fighting" aspects of the latest Washington boondoggle spending bill. Just how bad is it? SHOW NOTES FOR TODAY'S EPISODE: Climate Realism - Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for Getting it Right on New Climate Bill Climate Realism - ​The Dems' New Proposal Does Nothing To Lower Inflation ​ WSJ - Tilting at Climate Windmills: Schumer-Manchin will have little effect on the world’s temperature Fox News - New York Times column suggests Dems saved 'civilization' with climate provisions in spending bill KQED - Straight Talk on Temperature: Here's What 1.5 Degrees C Means Watts Up With That - WSJ and Lomborg show just how useless the “Inflation Reduction Act” is at tackling climate IER - Renewables Get Huge Tax Incentives in Manchin/Schumer Inflation Bill Legal Insurrection - Calculations Show Schumer-Manchin Green Boondoggle Bill Will Have Little Impact on Global Temperature PJ Media - Europe Is Paying the Price for Embracing Environmentalism With Religious Fervor — and It's a Lesson the U.S. Can Stand to Learn
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