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Emanuel’s ‘Smoke for Kids’ Plan Is Destined to Fail

City and state officials across the nation often use tax increases on tobacco, alcohol, plastic bags, sugary drinks, and other “sin products” to help fill their budget gaps or fund pet projects.

2015 Was Not Even Close To Hottest Year On Record

Forget what global warming activists would lead you to believe – 2015 was not even close to the hottest year on record.

Thanks to Teacher’s Union, Chicago Public Schools are a Perpetual-Motion Machine of Mediocrity

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has voted overwhelmingly to go on strike during the 2016 spring semester, with a walk-out tentatively scheduled for late March.

To Your Benefit—or at Your Loss?

The purpose of any economic exchange is to better one's position, whether a person buys or sells something for money or barters for something else.  This is the essence of free market capitali

Life Under an Iron Fist

Activists protesting federal land mismanagement and the imprisonment of Dwight and Steven Hammond recently occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters building in Oregon.

Are America's Greatest Days Yet to Come?

While the vast majority of Americans say that their nation's not headed in a good direction, there's a minority that are optimistic about the future.

Flagging Duncan’s Excessive Celebration Over ESSA

Because Arne Duncan, the former secretary of the U.S.

Science Supports Majority of Public’s Rejection of Climate Change Hype

Sociologist Robert Brulle’s recent Washington Post op-ed

Who Can Screw Up a Water Auction in the Desert? Government Can

The age-old analogy describing a good salesman is “He can sell ice to Eskimos.” Let us now contemplate t

Gun Control: Much to Ado About Nothing?

Co-authored by: Nancy Thorner & Ed Ingold